​DAL Q5040 4-blades [black]


4-blades from DAL prop are really just more durable and affordable version of 4-blades from HQprop. Made from PC and fiber glass, which lets them survive minor crashes.

Flying on them is characteristic and very interesting. Thanks to increased surface that “bites” the air, they have amazing acceleration and hold great in sharp turns. The quad becomes much more responsive and locked in.

At the same time they are not as cruel to batteries as we suspected – we haven’t noticed much difference in comparison to 3-blades.

It's worth to give DAL Q5040 a go, at least to experience that new level of your quad’s flexibility. Plus you just got to hear how they sound… :)

Also available in red.


Direction of the propellers: 2 x CW and 2 x CCW 

Weight: 4 x 8,35 g


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