KingKong Tiny6 (RR EDITION)


"Little but crazy" - nothing better describes the potential that is hidden in this small FPV drone, although it looks like a toy at first glance, it combines technology that allows you to move inside and pilot it from this perspective - in short, you can describe FPV (First Person View), i.e. flying a drone with a first person view - it is very similar to a video game, but everything happens in the real world.

A newer version with better batteries (optional) and a comfortable, solid charger*!

This drone is your personal avatar, thanks to which you will see the world from a completely new perspective. You can fly it practically anywhere - it is absolutely safe. Remember also that this 20-gram piece can be your first step into a new sport that drone racing has become.

Special, better version of Tiny6 is now tih Tattu batteries or with high voltage ones (Hong Kong LDARC).

The set comes with:

1x RR Tiny6
3x Housing
3x 4 sets of props
5x Batteries Gens Ace Tattu 3.7V 220mAh 45C JST2 (link)
5x Batteries LDARC Hong Kong LiPo 250mAh 3.8V 30/60C JST2 (high voltage - fits to standard charger settings!) link

2x Spare screws and rubber bands
1x The key to the exchange of propellers
1x A plastic box with a battery charger (6 charging ports, USB or XT60 power supply), a spare part pocket and a spare battery holder. (No more uncomfortable battery charging!)

Procesor: F3 (SPRACINGF3)
Firmware: Betaflight 3.1 (firmware upgrades)
Weight: 20g

NOTE: The FrSky XM receiver is in the INTERNATIONAL version. It means that your equipment must be in this version so that everything works properly. If you do not know your version, you can check it Here. Generally, if you have purchased equipment in Europe, it is most likely an EU version. If in China - this is the International version. However, there is a solution -just change the firmware in the XM receiver to the EU. Below is the instructions on how to do it: - Flashing the FrSky XM receiver - Click !

* charger default settings are for high voltage batteries LDARC. There is an option to change those settings to normal batteries - for each charging port seperately - by closing the pads next to the port.


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