LittleBee 20A-S BLHeli_S


Another version of your favourite ESCS – LittleBee 20A-S BLHeli S Favourite :).

Thanks to a new Silabs F396 processor they quarantee performance that is twice better than in previous version.

LittleBee 20A-S ESCS works on new BLHeli S Software which makes them support faster motors' performance. Moreover, throttle control provides quiet and smooth flying.

Switching speed is very fast and dedicated driver chip are another advantages of LittleBee 20A-S.


Battery: 2-4s LiPo

Current voltage: 20A (25A)

Weight: 4 g (with cables and heat-shrink)

Dimensions: 23.5 mm x 12 mm x 3 mm

Processor: Silabs EFM8BB21F16 48MHz

BEC: None

Software: BLHeli_S

Check out also 30A-S version!


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