RR Sport


The name SPORT is not accidental - the frame has been specially created for sports use - it is designed to build racing drones to compete on the track.

When designing the frame, care was taken to maximize mass reduction while maintaining a reasonable degree of strength. The low mass is obtained by using the same holes for fixing electronic components and construction pillars. The arms are narrow to reduce their weight and minimize air resistance, but at the same time they are designed to withstand most even strong crashes.

The optimal solution in this frame is the use of ESC 4in1 and their fixing on screws used simultaneously for screwing the pillars and the use of micro controller (with 20x20mm hole spacing), which can be attached between the pillars, which will ensure its isolation from motors vibrations.

Another recommended solution is the use of separate ESCs for the arms and the use of a special small distribution board attached to the set and the use of a normal size controller (with mounting holes 30.5x30.5mm) with vibration-proof gyro or micro controller (with mounting holes 20x20mm), which can be fix between pillars.


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