We tested RR210 in all environments. From depths of underground parkings to the biggest world events (WORLD DRONE PRIX finals). Our goal was to make a perfect frame for the most demanding pilots (meaning us :) - it had to be light, agile, durable and most importantly - fly great. Plus it had to be practical and easy to custom. Finally it had to look great - especially in your opponent cameras when you overtake them!

Most important features:

True X - we kept the ideal X shape - the distance between every motor is exactly the same (so they are exactly where FC expect them).

Smallest size possible - the frame is designed to make the most out of 5' props.... 210mm and not a millimeter more!

ZMR250 compatibility - if you're still flying on this legendary frame, RR210 gives you an option to upgrade to a smaller/lighter/faster true X frame at a bargain price. You can take out arms from your ZMR250 and use it in RR210 - they'll fit perfectly (tough they won't look as good as the original ones :)). If you bring along motors and ESC the switch to a new frame will only take few hours.

Durability - in RR210 the arms always take the first hit. This way your FPV camera and all "insides" of the quad are much safer. 

Practicality - opening the frame, mounting components, changing arms, securing antennas and sockets - all these are super nice and easy thanks to smart design and functional cut-outs/holes for zip ties/connectors.

Simplicity - you don't need any extra nuts to hold the arms (middle plate has its own threads) or special FPV camera holders (RR210 is designed to accommodate the camera stand sold with the most popular MINI Sony Super HAD CCD 600 TVL).

Customizable  - its super easy to mount a GoPro on the upper plate (just put a strap or two around upper plate) or fly with a battery on the bottom of the frame (if you prefer it that way).

Dedicated 3/4mm arms - designed to protect the motors and be as durable as possible. At the same time they're very light and totally bad ass ! :)

Dedicated PDB - one of the smallest PDB on the market equipped with 2 linear BECs: 5V (to power FC) and 12V (to power FPV system). ESC pads are located exactly where you need them. 
Linear BEC guarantees a clear picture coming out your FPV system - exactly as you would use LC filter. Oh, and our PDB hides one more super cool feature... but we'll let you discover it yourself :)

*** if you're buying a version with no arms, please specify in the order comment what arms are you planning to use (3mm or 4mm) so we can add the right stand-offs for you. Thanks! ***

- Size: 210
- Weight 
(with screws and stand-offs): 
a) without arms: 56g
b) with 3mm arms: 98g
c) with 4mm arms: 112g
- Height: 30mm
- Plates: 2mm
- Motor mounts: M3


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