Rotoracer Skinny20 4 inches


Skinny20 has been specially created to use smaller 4in1 ESCs and FCs with 20x20mm mounting holes. The frame is minimalist and light.

Skinny20 has 4 easily changeable arms. The arms are available in four variants, intended for propellers with diameters:

- 3-inch (carbon thickness: 3mm)

- 4-inch (carbon thickness: 4mm)

- 5-inch (carbon thickness: 4mm)

- 6-inch (carbon thickness: 4mm)

For each variant, the central part of the frame remains unchanged.

Spacing between standoffs on the width is the same as in the Slim frame, thanks to which 3D printed parts of Slim suits Skinny20 as well. Particularly it concerns the camera's mounts and antenna's holders.


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