Rotoracer Slim


Slenderness, lightness, aggressiveness - these are the features that defined the character of Slim from the beginning of the idea.

Adding to this unique design, a minimalistic but refined design, a multitude of variants, we get top equipment tailored to your needs, which will give you joy of flying and will allow you to reach the tops!

The most important features:

Slenderness and lightness

These are the main features that guided the idea of creating Slim. Thanks to the aerodynamic profile of the frame, air resistance is minimized when reaching maximum speeds. The slenderness of the arms limits disturbances in the air stream pumped by the propellers, making the flight more stable and more precise. The lightness of the structure ensures better acceleration, maneuverability and effective use of the available power.


Slim is slim and lightweight but at the same time durable. In the racing version (i.e. the lightest) - with 4mm arms, Slim is strong enough to resist most of a crashes. In case of a strong, unfortunate collision, the arm can break but it can be exchanged easily and quickly.

The version with 6mm arms can survive unscathed most even strong collisions, which makes it excellent everyday use practice quad.

For the heaviest garage conditions for Slim, pads for the ends of the arms are available, which can protect them from scratching.

Stretch and TrueX versions

Slim comes with two varieties of arms: Stretch and TrueX.

For the experimenters, an interesting idea can be to mix different types of arms together ;)

Variation - to fit specific needs

Mentioned above the choice between Stretch and TrueX is just one of possibilities to suit your likes. Next option is to choice between 4 mm and 6 mm arm's thickness.

Another option is to chooce a variety types of camera'a mounts:

  - low mount for micro camera

  - high mount for micro camera

  - high mount for mini camera

Ease building and modifications

Slim is minimalist and easy to build. The construction is design to simplify the process of building a complete drone. You can start by fixing the main parts of the frame with arms and then adding all the components.

The subsequent modifications or replacements of components are easy too. If necessary, you can quickly access inside the frame by just removing the top plate. You can also easily swap the arms.

Convenience of use

Slim is designed to facilitate its everyday use. The following features can be mentioned:

- Starting from the battery strap, bottom plate is provided with special slots, thanks to which the strap is held in the right position and can be easily fastened with one hand.

- The cable for the battery plug has a special handle in the frame to fasten it and avoid pulling out.

- The camera's mount first of all protects it from damage and secondly it makes it easy to adjust the angle.

- The already mentioned ease of arm replacement, which is fixed by only two screws, making this process of replacement easy and fast.

- Mounts for HD cameras that can be easily screwed / unscrewed from the frame.

- Protections on the tip of the arms, protecting them from scratching.

Adaptation to 4in1 regulators

Slim is specially designed to use 4in1 regulators. Thanks to them, you can reduce the weight and space used, as well as narrow your arms, without having to attach separate regulators to them. Of course, the use of separate regulators is also possible on the Slim arms, but in this case it is recommended to choose the thinnest (up to 11mm) regulators that are already available on the market.

Mount for the GoPro camera There is a special GoPro Session holder, which can be screwed to the upper carbon plate.


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