Rotoracer Slim V2


Slim V2 is the second edition of our flagship racing drone.

It has all the advantages of Slim version 1. It kept its unique shape and, yet sharper lines gave Slim more aggressive character.

The new version of Slim is completely compatible with the previous one. The spacing between main holes has been preserved, so all parts for both versions of Slim will be compatible with each other. You will be able to use the arms interchangeably, all plates as well as additional 3D prints.

You can read about all the special features of Slim in details at the description of the first version of Slim: link

Essential changes in Slim V2:

- The arms have 3 holes for the motors screws. Although the two holes - as it is in the first version of Slim - are sufficient, some pilots prefer to use at least 3 screws. In addition, the motor stand has a larger contact area with the arm, making the motor better protected against damage.

- The arms in the central part, where they are joined together, have been widened, making them more resistant to fractures.

- The bottom plate has been modified. The possibility of easy insertion of screws into the middle plate has been preserved, and at the same time it does not have places exposed to cracks.

- The belt holder for the battery has been improved. It will be easier to insert and adjust, but it will be kept in the place without moving.

- The middle plate gained additional holes for 20x20mm bolts spacing, thanks to which it will be easier to assemble FCs and ESCs in that size.

- Visually Slim V2 has acquired more expressive and sharper shapes, which emphasized its predatory character. In line with this style, new 3D prints have been prepared - camera's mounts, arms protectors, GoPro holder.

- The new versions of camera's mounts will be stronger. They will also be available in more variants:

  - low mount for micro camera

  - low mount for micro camera version light

  - high mount for micro camera

  - high mount for micro camera with a larger / longer lens (eg RunCam Micro Eagle)


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